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Thanks for visiting the research community. My goal is to invite as many people who are eligible and interested in research because more voices are needed. Plus, I believe that each of us are born researchers (yes you too!). Think back to your more curious days. How many uses could you imagine for a box? Maybe you're a person who wants to know how things work. That's a part of research. This space is for you no matter where you fall on the spectrum of research...conducting studies, participating in studies, critiquing studies, or reading how studies are relevant. 

Exploring Ethical Leadership in Professional Associations

Are you a current or former member of a professional association in counseling, social work, psychology, addictions, marriage & family, psychiatry, or another mental health field? Are you 18 or older? If yes, check out the survey at

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Supervisors' Experiences with Supervisee-Client Sexual Attraction

Are you a current or former supervisor (Administrative, Clinical, Licensure, etc.) of counseling graduate students or post-graduates? Are you in good standing? Are you 18 or older? If yes, check out the survey at

Image by Julia Taubitz
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