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Hello, my name is Rashunda. I love the idea of having better relationships with ourselves and others. I possess over 12 years of clinical experience working with clients in home, clinical, Pre-K through 12, and college settings. My expertise is helping clients develop healthy relationships.  My dream is to provide quality relationship counseling. Individuals are welcome too! You may want to invest in yourself first especially when partners or family members are not interested in counseling.


I offer a warm, yet down to earth approach for strengthening relationships with self and others. My approach begins with a lot of listening to understand you. This can be uncomfortable initially as many people are not accustomed to being seen and heard with such intention. Questions are asked to clarify and check that I can begin to understand who you are and your lived experiences. I will also challenge and support. Lastly, we develop a comprehensive plan which includes tailored interventions to meet your needs based on your approval, research, evidenced-based, culturally considerate, and relationship-based interventions. I am also trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level-1 which provides a way to tap into different parts that drive behavior. I am also trained in Discernment Counseling (which is not couples counseling) and Intimacy From the Inside Out IFIO (parts work for couples). Counseling is Work (capital W). It requires commitment, time, and tenacity to reap the full benefits.

 I believe that relationships keep the world going and that true growth happens when we are put on the spot. While growing may be painful, life has a way of letting us know what those spots...or opportunities are. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

When I am not counseling, I enjoy teaching future counselors and talking about issues related to counseling couples and families,  integrated care, and ethics. I like going to museums, meeting new people, wearing cowboy boots, watching mystery movies, and road trips with my family.

Licensing Information

Use the links below to access licensure boards and verify my licenses. To verify type in my first name then search.



Talks & Publications


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Invited Peer-Reviewed

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What I'm Reading

design, life, reimagine, reimagining, energy, self growth

Modern Man in Search of a Soul


Carl Jung

I originally got this book for my partner based on Jordan Peterson's List of books to read. However, I got to it first and claimed it as my own! This classic book provides a great perspective for becoming comfortable in your skin, and perfect for those enduring an indetity crises. Jung illuminates the power (and sometimes downfall) of humanity, dreams, religion, willpower and more. As a counselor Modern Man in Search of a Soul is a staple for understaning the psychological complexities or navigating the world. It's a thought provoking, yet practical read. Check it out for yourself. 

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