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  • Rashunda Miller Reed

3 Easy Check ins for Handling Marriage Problems

1. Check Your Self

Check with yourself first whenever you are experiencing relationship problems or what you think are relationship problems. Typically the first initial response to problems is key. Sometimes couples have knee jerk reactions to call family and friends to vent. We all need support; however, think about how venting to family or friends might complicate matters. Venting typically forces family and friends to side with either the relationship, you, or your partner(s). If you are in a crises, call for help immediately. Instead, jot down what you believe is happening for about 5-10 minutes. determine the type of characteristics you hold at your core.

2. Check with Your Parts

Next, check with your parts or system. Notice other reactions or lack of reactions to what was written. Does anything surprise you? Does anything anger or sadden you? How much do you understand abut your own response or contributions to the problem? Try to hold space for all parts or emotions. Notice if you feel torn or stuck. Take a few deep breaths. Think about what you need to give yourself in the moment to feel present and less overwhelmed by relationship issues. Completing check-in 2 might allow you to see that the problem is the problem and not necessarily any one person.

3. Check with Others

At this point, you have checked with yourself and your parts. You might want additional support. I recommend checking in with a professional to keep from pulling family and friends into relationship struggles. However, they may be your only option. When checking in, focus on yourself. Express emotions, parts, and questions that came up related to you. Let the person listening know how they can support you. For example, do you want advice, words of encouragement, of for them to just listen. After you are done, check in with the listener to see how they are doing. So often we share without considering how listeners are impacted.

Try this triple check next time your experience marriage or relationship problems.

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