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Racists Anonymous

Relationships Matter LLC is committed to social justice and change. We are all in recovery from something. While racism is not necessarily an addiction, it can spark a variety of feelings related to attitudes or actions that prevent dialogue, opening our heart, and pursuing change. Sometimes the world has expectations for change, yet there are very few spaces to slowly step into change. For us, moving toward inclusion is more than a statement. It’s an ongoing process.


Racist's Anonymous a virtual support group, not a therapy group, for anyone wanting to explore their own attitudes around racism. It is based on 12-step recovery model created by Rev. Ron Burford of Sunnyvale, CA. This is a place where you willingly come to do your own  Work, not to fix others. Some changes happen from the inside out and we are here to support. We do ask that current, former, and potential counseling clients attend another meeting to prevent issues with privacy and confidentiality. Otherwise, the group welcomes those seeking change. There is no charge and no contributions are accepted for this group. For more information visit the Racists Anonymous website. No registration is required, just show up. If you cannot get in, the group is either full or postponed for that week. Also check your time zone. The group will be kept small. Reach out if you are interested in us hosting private groups for your organization and have at least 6 willing participants.


Contact us at 985-265-7701


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